Santa Rita Farm

From Tabapuã to the world: the foresight of a distinguished producer

The orange school bus parked next to machinery and rural equipment in a humble house announced that work was never a problem for the ever smiling Pedrinho. Walking along the roads throughout the country as a truck driver, this man born and raised in small town of Sao Paulo state chose the Lageado place like choosing his future: from a handyman to a share farm owner, from a share farm owner to a land owner, from a land owner to, who knows, a great producer? This may seem exaggerated. Not for those who talks with this sincere and idealistic producer. With his cigarette and typical cap, next to his beloved partner Roseli, Pedrinho accounts more than 20,000 coffee plants in an area of ​​more than 1,100 meters above sea level with magnificent Catuaís Yellow, always thinking of another great business opportunity and how to involve the neighbors in a larger project. From the bet in the son country music singer or in the victories in coffee quality contests, it seems that this friend who “entrusts the home and farming” has more chances in the second case…


Pedrinho Senna

Farm Owner